Real Respect

Rich Campbell at the Chicago Tribune quotes Bears Chairman George McCaskey on why he proposed a rule change at the meetings that would guarantee both teams possession in overtime.

“‘A show of respect for the Packers,’ McCaskey said.

“He explained how he became compelled after watching his rivals lose the NFC championship game to the Seahawks on a first-possession touchdown pass.

“‘If you’re a Bears fan, of course, that was a great result,’ McCaskey said.”

That’s an odd way of saying that you respect someone.

Rival or not I make it a policy to never root against teams. I root for teams.

Here’s my way of showing proper respect: I thought the Packers had an under-rated defense that played their guts out and deserved better than they got.

I look forward to the day when Packers fans might might be able to honestly say the same thing about the Bears.

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