Bears Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

David Haugh at the Chicago Tribune is concerned that the Bears aren’t a tad more upset at losing their game against the packers Sunday:

“Too many others sounded like guys on a Bears team that hasn’t won a game since last Nov. 23, a core diminished enough by six consecutive losses to worry whether losing has become a bad habit.

Martellus Bennett referred to the loss as ‘a confidence-builder” — a popular theme. Matt Forte celebrated the return of legitimacy to the huddle.

“‘Nobody had that stupid look on their face like before when something (bad) would happen,” [running back [Matt] Forte said.

“Added left tackle Jermon Bushrod: ‘I’ve been in this locker room and we’ve had losses and I just don’t want to talk to anyone, but we fought and competed and that’s all we can ask for.””

I get Haugh’s point. But I also understand the Bears attitude towards the loss.

We all understand now that the Bears had a toxic locker room last year. That atmosphere was created in part by high expectations that were unfulfilled. Head coach John Fox seems to be managing those expectations much better both outside and inside the locker room and what we’re hearing is a result of that.

The Bears played one of the best teams in football, one that tore them up last year. I can’t blame them for understanding that. My expectation is that there will be more dissatisfaction if they lose to Arizona next week. And there will be a whole lot more if they lose to the Oakland Raiders in week 4. If that doesn’t happen, then I think we can start worrying.

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