Sounds Good to Me

Steve Rosenbloom at the Chicago Tribune talks about what he thinks is a less than ideal situation that former Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase finds himself in. He is now the head coach in Miami:

“[Owner Stephen Ross] went on to explain that instead of a retread head coach, he wanted ‘somebody that could really be the next, if you will, Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, you know, really great head coach, and I think we got one.’’

“No pressure, Adam, and oh, by the way, Belichick missed the playoffs the first three years of his first head-coaching job. Perfect Dolphins coach comparison, right?”

“By [the time Gase’s contract ends], [Bears head coach John] Fox will be close to the end of his contract. He likely will have coached the Bears to the top of the division and into a conference championship game. He might’ve guided them to a Super Bowl and probably lost it.

“By then we’ll all be sick of Fox’s non-answers and failure to win the ‘Big One,’’ and it’ll be let’s try this Gase thing now because if Dolphins past is prologue, then Gase will be on the market and he can become the next Belichick here. Clip & save.”


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