The Twilight Zone

Rick Morrissey at the Chicago Sun-Times apparently can’t understand why people want to read about the Bears in May:

“As I’ve perused Chicago newspapers and websites the past few weeks, I’ve seen tons of articles and photos about the team. I now know more about some of the Bears’ draft picks that any person not called ‘Mom’’ or ‘Dad’ should know. The amount of coverage didn’t come out of nowhere. It didn’t come from the whim of editors. It came from the insatiable appetites of a large group of readers.

“In other words, I’m blaming you.”

Go ahead. But I’ve got news for you. From my perspective it isn’t true.

Yes, the articles still appear on the Sun-Times and Tribune websites. But what am I supposed to do with the rest of my day?

Turn on the radio on a given weekend in May and all you hear is “Talkin’ Baseball” and “Inside the Dugout”.  Saturday , heaven help me, I swear I was actually reduced to turning on the White Sox game.

Morrissey can wonder and complain all he wants but we’re in the middle of the sports dead zone. As he points out, I have studied every teams offseason “grades” ad nauseum. I’ve seen everything I want to about baseball (very little). A players league like the NBA where the tail wags the dog and where discipline and team work long left the game in favor of highlighted individual play is a complete non-starter with me.

I need football games. Please let them come soon.

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