Jaylon Johnson’s Season Will Go as the Starter on the Other Side Of the Field Goes

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune quotes cornerback Jaylon Johnson after intercepting quarterback Justin Fields in the red zone on Monday.

“I’ve been wanting to get to game week since the start of camp,” [Johnson] said. “So, everything you do is preparation. The more snaps, the more ready I can get for game one. It’s what drives me at this point. I mean, the old saying is the hay is never in the barn. Even for some of the best, you’ve always got to find new things. There’s always going to be something you can get better at. For me, I want to create more turnovers. Just trying to find different ways and creative ways to get more turnovers.”

Johnson is trying to get a new contract this year and I have no doubt that in preliminary discussions the Bears have focused on his ball production. He has 1 interception in 39 games played over 3 seasons in the NFL.

The fact that Johnson is in a contract year is great news for the Bears and their fans in that it provides additional motivation for Johnson to perform. That’s not to suggest that he would not have been motivated anyway. But money is always an additional motivating factor.

The shame of it is that, if the preseason is any indication, Johnson won’t be seeing much action on his side of the field. It looks to me very much like teams will be testing whoever starts on the other side, probably rookie Tyrique Stevenson.

I guess we’ll find out. But there’s no doubt that the better that Stevenson or whoever starts in that position does, the happier Johnson will be in the more opportunities he will get to show what he can do to make the money that he thinks he deserves.

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