Vic Fangio and The “Head Coach Type”

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions. this one was about why Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio didn’t get an interview for a head coaching position:

“Fangio is 57 but we have seen older coaches get their first crack at a head job recently with Bruce Arians enjoying tremendous success in Arizona. Fangio isn’t a very political guy and I say that not as a positive or a negative but simply as an observation that you get. Every head coach that was hired this offseason was from an offensive background.”

The comparison to Arians might be a good one here in more ways than age. Arians, like Fangio, “isn’t a very political guy”. From the quotes that I have read, he’s a straight shooting guy who will walk in to a room and firmly tell you what he thinks.

That sounds like a good thing in theory and that’s what everyone says that they want to hear. But the reality is something different. Some of the smartest people I know are like this and I’ve found over time that it’s a mistake not to listen to them. But I’ve also noticed that they rarely get asked to work with people in teams on administrative tasks. The truth is that straight shooters often tell it like it is with little tact and sometimes they are so firm that it comes across as an attack. That’s not good and they often impress as uncompromising to administrative types in any business, not just football. You need a guy who can get his point across while still leaving the people around the table certain that he’ll play nicely if things don’t go his way.

If I were to guess as to why Arians didn’t get the job in Chicago when he interviewed in 2013, I’d say that he scared some people off with his forthright attitude, particularly then general manager Phil Emery, who had been dealing with a very stubborn and opinionated Lovie Smith. That was the Bears loss. But it is also understandable.

I’m making some assumptions here but if Fangio is to get his chance at a head coaching job, he’s probably going to have to make sure that everyone he meets knows that he’s a team player no matter what the circumstances. Expressing an opinion is a tone that is calm and reasoned with less emotional baggage usually helps. In fact, it’s usually essential. Otherwise, Bears fans will be happy to have him in Chicago for as long as he wants to be here.

At Some Point the Bears Need to Enter Draft “Crap Shoot” for a Quarterback

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers your questions:

“Do you see the Bears picking a quarterback in the first three rounds? — @albert80

“I think the bigger question is would the Bears pull the trigger on a quarterback in the first round. That’s where the talent lies. If there is a quarterback they really like, they’d have to make that move because it’s rare that a team is in position to draft a quarterback it truly covets. However, there are a host of needs on the roster, especially on defense. Unless they love the quarterback, I think they go in a different direction in Round 1. If you’re talking about drafting a quarterback outside of the first round, it becomes a much bigger crap shoot than the already big crap shoot it is drafting quarterbacks in Round 1.”

I would love to see the Bears take a quarterback that they loved in round 1. But from what I’ve seen so far, I haven’t seen one that I love so I can’t exactly expect that they will have, either. At some point I’ll get back to breaking them down but so far the only top quarterback I haven’t seen is North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and no one has impressed me as a “must have” prospect for the future of the franchise.

That means that if the Bears are going to find a quarterback who has the talent to eventually start with some development, they are almost certainly going to have to go with the “much bigger crap shoot” in the second or third rounds. Yes, it’s a risk but its a risk that you have to start taking now so that if it doesn’t work out, you can take another bite at the apple sooner rather than later.

The entire draft is a crap shoot. But you can’t win if you don’t play.