Can Jay Cutler lead the Bears to Playoff Victory?

The issue of the day at ESPN was apparently whether quarterback Jay Cutler can lead the Bears in to playoff success.

Former Bear Tom Waddle answers the question essentially as “Yes.  As long as they don’t have to ask him to actually do anything”:

Jeff Dickerson at ESPNChicago essentially agrees:

and finally Michael Wilbon at the mothership gets closer to the real point:

and what is the real point?

If Cutler tries to do too much, as he is definitely apt to do, the Bears are in trouble.  He’ll hold the ball forever and try to make plays that aren’t there.  If, however, Cutler plays within himself and lets the offense work, he’ll be fine and things will go well.

It seems clear that everyone agrees that if the Bears fall behind and they have to pass, there’s probably a playoff loss on the horizon.  Therefore the defense will have to play at least as well as they did Sunday against the Packers and the special teams will have to play considerably better than they did.

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