Knox, Receivers Need to Find a Way to Get Off the Line, Beat Coverage

Andrew Seligman, writing for the Associated Press, quotes Jay Cutler on receiver Johnny Knox in an article focusing on whether the Bears have the talent that they need there:

“Knox emerged as the primary deep threat with 51 catches for 960 yards, including 17 for 20 yards or more.

“’He’s just becoming more of a complete receiver,’ quarterback Jay Cutler said. ‘He’s kind of one of those guys you can count on. If he’s got one-on-one, he’s going to win. … He’s done all year when his number is called, he’s in the right spot.’”

No he hasn’t.  The last regular season game, Knox did not perform to expectations.

First let me say up front that all of the pass catchers for the Bears, including the running backs, should be commended for one thing:  they aren’t dropping balls.  This will most assuredly kill any decent offensive team and I’m pretty sure its eventually going to kill the Packers.

But if the game against the Packers was any example of what’s to come, the Bears need help at receiver.  They got physically dominated by the Packers defensive backs and I’d expect them to see the same plan used against them in the playoffs before we’re done.

It will be interesting to see if receivers coach Darryl Drake can develop a plan to allow the Bears receivers to get off the line of scrimmage and to thrive against that kind of press coverage.  The presence of the bigger Earl Bennett will help.  And I’m guessing that Mike Martz will be dialing up calls for big plays.  It will be interesting to see if the receivers step up when that happens.  If they don’t, the Bears will know at least one area where they need help in the offseason.

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