Brandon Marshall and What “Being Smart” Might Actually Mean

Adam L Jahns at the Chicago Sun-Times writes about how the Bears will be taking it easy on contact in practice this summer.  Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who had off-season hip surgery, seems to be on board:

“’We’re gonna be smart,’ Marshall said. ‘I’m going on my eighth year [and have] had a few hip surgeries. Nothing major, but at the same time, we start playing games in September. So that’s what I’m preparing for.

“’It’s important to get out there with your teammates, build chemistry, learn the offense, get reps. But if I’m not healthy, all that doesn’t matter.  So I’ll listen to my body and go as it tells me.’”

Marshall didn’t practice this off-season despite the implementation of an entirely new offense.  Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune reports that Marshall should be full go with no limitations now.  Quarterback Jay Cutler emphasizes the importance that Marshall be out there in his comments:

“‘We had Martellus (Bennett) out there, that was good,’ Cutler said. ‘We kind of wanted to see what he had. Had a bunch of tight ends. Joe (Anderson) had a good minicamp. We have guys coming along. But we have to get Brandon back up to speed offensively, learning the system. We have to get Alshon [Jeffery] back out there and get him up to speed. There are some key guys we have to get caught up.'”

Of course, taking it easy on Marshall’s hip is common sense.  But at the same time this situation is worth monitoring.   Working to be ready for September is fine.  But if Marshall’s “body” ends up telling him not to participate too often this summer in what are basically non-contact practices to learn a new offense, you have to wonder if he’s going to hit the target.

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