Hub Arkush Thinks Joe Anderson Has Made the Team

“[Here is] your Cutler-Trestman flashpoint: Will Cutler still spread around his passes when Marshall is on the field for his usual number of snaps?

“There are several compelling reasons to doubt it.

“First, Cutler and Marshall have a thing working going back to Denver, and it works to the point that Cutler is happy enough to throw the ball up and believe Marshall will come down with it, and Marshall always seems to, and that’s a hard habit to break.

“Second, Cutler isn’t long on patience with people or game plans. He thinks he can fit a pass into any opening on the field. So, it will be somewhat life-changing to see him methodically dump off passes or take the first quick read while waiting to strike down field. Again, this matters most when Marshall is on the field because Cutler will be required to show the discipline not only to wait, but also to go down field to someone other than his boss fave wideout.”

I disagree. First, Cutler won’t challnge Trestman because Trestman is head coach not coordinator and Cutler is in the last year of his contract. The Cutler landmine will me much more likely to go off if he gets a long-term contract in the offseason. Of course, if he gets that contract, it will mean he bought in and it worked so it may not be a big issue at that point.

Which brings us to my second point: if there’s a conflict this year, it will the same same one he had with former offensive coordinator Mike Martz – one which he was allowed to win. Cutler will be expected to throw the ball quickly, on time with anticipation. If we see him holding the ball and waiting for receivers to pop open the way that he did with Martz, we’ll know he’s once again conflicting with the coach in charge and that his days in Chicago are numbered.

  • Hub Arkush tells Adam L. Jahns in this video for the Chicago Sun-Times that he not only thinks wide receiver Joe Anderson has made the team, he thinks he might be the number 3:

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