Steam of Consciousness – Bears at Panthers 8\8\13

  1. I think poor Jon Bostic may have chin-ballitus.
  2. The drops and missed opportunities by Isaiah Frey, Brandon Hardin and Sherrick McManus aren’t going to be helpful to them in in making the team. But the one by Fendi Onobun may very well be fatal. He’s apparently been doing the same thing in practice.
  3. Its very early but the interception of Jay Cutler’s pass on the very first play of the pre-season may well have been the worst possible thing that could have happened. At a time when you are doing everything you can to get him to throw on time to a receiver he can trust to be there, this could be a confirmation of all of his fears. If this type of thing continues to happen too often, it could be a rough year.
  4. Armando Allen couldn’t afford that fumble. He’s in a close roster battle with Michael Ford.
  5. Eric Weems was nice and active on special teams. I thought McManus was around the ball pretty often as well. Devin Aromashodu needed to show up here. I didn’t see him.
  6. The injuries to Henry Melton and Patrick Mannelly were clearly the story of the game here for most normal fans. The Bears have been very healthy for the last few years. They may be about to face what the rest o the league goes through every year.
  7. Bostic and Khaseem Greene are very fast to the ball and instinctive. Both had good games. But both got caught out of position on occasion and that’s probably going to continue. The Bears have always been susceptible to misdirection plays. I don’t see that changing with these two on board.
  8. I don’t have to point out that this wasn’t a great night for the offensive line. But I will. Jonathan Scott could win the right tackle job simply by not playing and letting the other guys show their flaws. They need to stiffen up in the interior as well.
  9. I wasn’t too impressed with the Bears defensive depth but I was glad to see Nate Collins show up. They’re probably going to need him in the defensive tackle rotation.
  10. Too many missed tackles on special teams. They’ll want to clean that up.
  11. Watching the pre-game, 37\% of you guys really think this team is going to win 12 or more games? Really?

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