More Trouble for Minnesota Stadium Construction

Something tells me I won’t be visiting the Vikings any time soon.  From Rochelle Olsen at the Star-Tribune:

“Several black zinc panels on U.S. Bank Stadium came loose during Tuesday night’s storm, and stadium officials were at a loss to explain why Wednesday.”

“Unsecured rectangular panels are more than a tangential concern because U.S. Bank Stadium’s exterior walls are lined with thousands of them.”

“In a previous incident several weeks ago, the panels were believed to be loose because of other work to fix a moisture problem, but now the two appear unrelated, she said.”

You should see some of the cheap construction in some of the new buildings around me in downtown Chicago.  One building I considered buying a condo in was less than two years old.  Six months later, they had a $40,000 special assessment because the balconies were pulling away from the building.

Similarly, the concrete in the stadium plaza at the then brand new Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati was badly cracking just a year after that stadium was built.

I’ve got a feeling the same type of thing maybe going on here.  Hopefully no one gets hurt.

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