Still a True Need for the Best Available

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune answers more of your questions:

“How have the areas of need changed from the start of the season to now? Or have they? — @danjnolte

“I don’t know that things have shifted drastically for the Bears since the start of the season. I think the pass rush needs some more juice, and that is something pretty much everyone said when the season began, right? They could use another safety and they have to see what happens with Tracy Porter at cornerback as he will be a free agent. I think they need a good guard and I said that at the start of the season. Defensive end is another position that should be addressed. Inside linebacker too. I think pretty much all of those positions stood out at the end of August but it should be noted the Bears have gotten better play at most of those positions than most people expected.”

The problem with the Bears doing as well as they have been, particularly on defense, is that the good coaching tends to hide the lack of talent that the Bears have all over the field.

My eye tells me the same thing that Biggs’ answer says. The Bears have needs all over the field, particularly on defense. You can make an argument for literally any position on the field, even in the first round, except left tackle, running back and – maybe, depending on the status of Martellus Bennett and Zack Miller – tight end. You could argue cornerback in that list but who really believes that Tracy Porter will remain this healthy?  And I do include quarterback of the future in that if Ryan Pace finds one that he believes in, he can’t afford to pass him up in any round.

It’s worth re-iterating. The Bears have a talent gap. Its big enough to whee they will almost certainly be looking for the best available prospect at any position throughout the draft in 2016.

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