Trestman Has No “Experience” with Cutler and Packers

John Mullin at quotes Bears head coach Marc Trestman:

“I don’t have any experience with [(Jay) Cutler’s Packers problems],” Trestman said this week. “So it would be really hard for me to comment on that. I don’t know that there’s trends or historical perspective on it. That’d be a difficult question for me to answer.”

Trestman might not have any “experience” with it.  But you can bet he’s watched plenty of tape on Cutler including – hopefully most especially – the Packer games.  If he hasn’t he’s a fool.

Indeed, all you need to look at is the performance against the Eagles.  There were extenuating circumstances, its true.  But when its all said and sifted,  against the Eagles defensive scheme Cutler looked exactly like he has against the Packers for the last three or four years.

If he’s learned anything from watching Josh McCown it certainly isn’t evident.

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