The Bears Need More from Jay Cutler

Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune criticizes quarterback Jay Cutler after yesterday’s loss:

“With a roster in full rebuilding mode and a defense short on playmakers, the Bears figure to employ a similar strategy much of the season. Pile up yardage with Forte to rest the defense and hope to be in a tight game in the fourth quarter. They’re going to be counting on Cutler to deliver in the clutch and that’s where this strategy might be flawed.

“‘I made the correction in my head,’ Cutler said. ‘The guys made the correction out there. We know what should have happened. That’s it. We’ve got to move on. We’ve got a lot of opportunities left to go out there and do it the right way and improve where we are.’

“That’s just it. Who is going to have confidence that Cutler is going to improve where he is and make it a lasting adjustment? Maybe the Packers were a tough draw for Fox in his debut, but it already gives you an idea of where the Bears stand against the team to beat in the division. They’re not good enough even when things go mostly according to plan.”

As much as I understand the complacency both inside and outside the locker room in terms of how thinks turned out yesterday, I can’t understand the general positive attitude towards Cutler. Comments by Troy Aikman and Joe Buck indicating that this looked like a new Jay Cutler reflected the comments of fans and, in many cases, the media after this game.

Cutler did not play well and it wasn’t just the back breaking interception. His passer rating was a whopping 29.6.  Cutler miss fired on three consecutive passes from the 2 yard line in the fourth quarter and he generally made far too many catches that should have been easy into tough ones yesterday with some scatter shot inaccuracy. Yes, they were completions. But few were placed in a position such that the receiver could run after the catch. The Bears need more.

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