Robert Quinn Might Make the Bears Defense Go in 2020

Jason Lieser at the Chicago Sun-Times addresses the challenges facing the Bears defense.

“[Pass rusher Robert] Quinn said he’ll be fine as long as he plays on the right side, which is compatible with [Khalil] Mack’s preference to play on the left. But there’s a big difference between talking about it in the spring and actually doing it in the season.”

Unlike some of the other things the Bears have done this offseason, I don’t have much doubt that adding Quinn was an upgrade over Leonard Floyd.

Quinn had some bad years with the Rams and Dolphins before having an an excellent season last year for the Cowboys, accumulating 11.5 sacks. I’m sure their willingness to indulge his preference for the right side accounts some of his massive improvement last year. But I’d say that putting him opposite Demarcus Ware, who draws consistent double teams, probably had more to do with it.

Floyd’s inability to beat one-on-one blocking last year opposite Mack, who was literally getting triple teamed, was a serious problem. If last year was any indication, it shouldn’t be an issue with Quinn.

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