Bears Run and Stop the Run Against the Right Team at the Right Time

Brain Urlacher bottom lines the defensive performance yesterday with this comment via Vaughn McClure at the Chicago Tribune:

“We stopped the run early — the whole game actually.  We got off the field on third down. We got pressure on the quarterback. We didn’t get any takeaways but did exactly what we wanted to do the whole game until the last couple drives.”

Steve Rosenbloom at the Tribune would seem to agree:

Marshawn Lynch average a half-yard a carry. Justin Forsett ran for nine — count ‘em, nine -– yards. Cutler out-rushed Seattle, period. Talk about making a team one-dimensional immediately, and a bad dimension, at that.”

I don’t care how many skill position guys you have or how wonderful your quarterback is.  Football games are still won and lost at the line of scrimmage.  That was never so evident as it was yesterday.

The Bears dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.  Not only that but they did it through sheer force of will.

It was evident that the Seahawks had shot their wad the week before against the Saints because they came out flat as a pancake and never recovered.  The Bears did what you do against a team like that.  You dominate them physically and mentally.  Kudos.

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