Albert Haynesworth Vs. the Bears’ Locker Room. Which Would Win?

Dan Pompei at the Chicago Tribune also answers this intriguing question:

“With O-Line and D-Line being the Bears’ biggest areas of need this offseason, what are the chances, CBA issues aside, they try to acquire Albert Haynesworth?… What are your thoughts on him Rick, Springfield, Mo.

“I don’t think that’s a bad idea. But in order for it to work, the trade compensation for Haynesworth would have to be reasonable. You wouldn’t want to pay a premium for a player with a history like Haynesworth’s. And the Bears need their draft picks. So far, the Redskins have wanted too much for Haynesworth. There wasn’t a team in the entire league willing to meet their asking price, which was rumored to be a second-round pick. But I could see a scenario in which Rod Marinelli revives Haynesworth’s career and makes him a great player again. If Haynesworth plays like he is capable, and [Julius] Peppers plays like he did this year, they could form a lethal combination.”

My first reaction when I read this question was “absolutely not”.  But as I thought about it more I have to admit that the idea is intriguing.

Haynesworth got along OK in Tennessee before signing with Washington.  The Bears are a high character team and it is possible that they could lift him up rather than have him drag them down.  Factor in the idea that this is exactly the kind of defense that Haynesworth wants to play in – one where he can rush the passer and accumulate statistics – and he would certainly be motivated.  He would make an excellent three technique tackle.

It really all depends upon the gut feeling that coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo have about how Haynesworth would affect the locker room.  And the other way around.

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