Is the Bears Defense Really That Bad?

The popular thing right now is to run down the Bears defense, blaming it for the vast majority of the team’s problems.  So naturally, as is my wont, I’m going to go the other way.

According to the latest statistics on, the Bears injury-riddled is, indeed, ranked 28th in both points allowed and yards allowed.  However, looking at the last 5 games, only the Rams game stands out as a total disaster with 41 points allowed.  The others are the Packers (20), the Lions (21), the Ravens (20) and the Vikings (20 in regulation, 23 with overtime).

Shouldn’t the vaunted and improved Bears offense be expected to score more than 20 points in a game?

Its not just a cliche.  It does, truly, take a village to build a total loss.

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