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A Realistic Look at the Bears Progress in Free Agency

Hub Arkush at gives his view on the Bears progress in free agency to date: “[Antrel] Rolle is old by NFL standards, there’s no other way to spin it. But at 26 and 28, respectively, [Pernell] McPhee and [Eddie] Royal fill screaming … Continue reading

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Real Respect

Rich Campbell at the Chicago Tribune quotes Bears Chairman George McCaskey on why he proposed a rule change at the meetings that would guarantee both teams possession in overtime. “‘A show of respect for the Packers,’ McCaskey said. “He explained … Continue reading

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Yet Another Jay Cutler Post. Sorry.

I’m sorry. I really am. At minimum any of you who regularly read these posts are probably tired of me bashing quarterback Jay Cutler. There comes a point where if you do it enough you actually start to generate sympathy … Continue reading

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Some Life Lessons And Other Points of View

Bears I’m trying to avoid a knee jerk reaction to the Bears questionable signing of defensive end Ray McDonald. Let’s just say I’m a bit disturbed by the repetitive nature of his apparent transgressions and leave it at that until … Continue reading

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Avoiding Potentially Bad Situations

Brendan Sonnone at the Orlando Sentinel quotes NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on the possibility that likely first overall pick Jameis Winston won’t attend the draft: “‘I think that it’s something we respect when a player says, ‘I’d like to be … Continue reading

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When Just Drafting a Quarterback Isn’t Enough

Dan Wiederer at the Chicago Tribune passes on comments from Bears general manager Ryan Pace indicating that he will likely take a quarterback in the NFL draft in five weeks. He’s not ruling out Marcus Mariota in the first round: … Continue reading

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Bad Drafts May Mean Bad Things for the Lions

The Bears aren’t the only ones who have blown a lot of draft picks recently. In fact, its amazing that the Lions have had the recent success that they have, given their dismal record. Josh Katzenstein at the Detroit News … Continue reading

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Another Example of How Statistics Lie

John McTigue at ESPN Stats and Information thinks that Oakland should give up on quarterback Derek Carr and draft Marcus Mariota: “On the surface Carr’s rookie campaign compares favorably to other recent seasons by rookie QBs. He threw fewer interceptions … Continue reading

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The Rich Get Richer. The Bears Don’t. Yet.

Dan Wiederer at the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears once again received no compensatory draft picks. These can be as high as third round picks depending upon the nature of the lost free agents the year before. For instance, … Continue reading

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Digital NFL? I’m Game.

Patrick Finley at the Chicago Sun-Times reports one of the more under the radar moves from the league meetings in Arizona: “It was one of two major broadcasting changes decided at the Arizona Biltmore on Monday. The league announced that … Continue reading

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