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Quick Game Comments: Broncos at Bears 11/22/15

Offense The Bears came out trying to run from the start with a triple tight end set. The Broncos were having none of it and did a good job stopping the it. I thought maybe the Bears had slightly more … Continue reading

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Revising Expectations for the Bears

Jon Greenberg at ESPN is revising his expectations for the Bears: “In the beginning … we predicted 6-10 for the Chicago Bears and it seemed just about right.” “But then Jay Cutler returned [from injury] ahead of schedule and things … Continue reading

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Brock Osweiler in 2016? It’s Not Impossible.

Troy Renck at The Denver Post answers your questions: “If we don’t re-sign Brock Osweiler by the end of the season, what do you think happens? Go with Trevor Siemian or draft high again? “— Brooks Lee, Kalamazoo, Mi. “Brooks: … Continue reading

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Use of the Zone Read Adds a Nice New Wrinkle to the Bears Offense

One positive from Sunday’s game is highlighted by Brad Biggs at the Chicago Tribune points to offensive coordinator Adam Gase‘s use of the zone read with quarterback Jay Cutler as a positive from Sunday’s game: “‘We did it the last … Continue reading

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Kansas City – Denver: What We Learned

Peyton Manning‘s arm is shot.Yeah, I know. He threw a dramatic game-winning touchdown. And he also threw a number of other nice passes.  But he also threw quite a number of balloons, especially in the first half. When everything is perfect … Continue reading

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Photos of Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Hit the Web. And Other Points of View.

Bears Mark Potash at the Chicago Sun-Times points out that Adrian Amos had a generally solid NFL debut against the NFL’s best quarterback. I was surprised that the Packers didn’t challenge him more. But maybe they had so many other … Continue reading

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Quick Comments from Selected Late Sunday NFL Games

Some quick observations on some of the games that I caught late in the day after the Bears game was over. Broncos – Ravens: There was a huge question about Peyton Manning‘s arm before their game against the Ravens this … Continue reading

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Physical Ability or Veteran Savvy and Intelligence? Peyton Manning Pushes the Edge.

One of the more interesting things to keep an eye on tomorrow will be the performance of Peyton Manning once he hits the field for the Broncos. Chris Wessling at takes an in depth look at the issues surrounding … Continue reading

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Brief Impressions: 2015 NFL Draft

Did someone tell the ESPN crew that there was no smiling allowed on the set? I’ve never seen a more somber first round telecast in my life. There seems to be a belief around the league that second overall pick Marcus Mariota might … Continue reading

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Bears May Look to Miami as a NFL Draft Trading Partner and Other Points of View.

Bears Will Brinson at CBS Sports rates wide receiver David Terrell as the worst Bears first round draft pick in the last 25 years. I don’t see how he beat out Michael Haynes and Cade McNown but it must have … Continue reading

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